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New study looks at chemotherapy’s impact on the fertility of young cancer patients later in life

This is good news on one hand and not so good on the other: children are being cured from cancer thanks to chemotherapy in increasing numbers, but chemotherapy can decrease their chances of being fertile when they reach adulthood. Awareness of this is very important before treatment is started, so that options for fertility preservation can be presented (and that in itself is another discussion!). Hopefully we will continue to see more progress in this area in upcoming years due to the ability to cryopreserve their gametes or the gonadal tissue.


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Just how to Study for your TOEFL

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Bedrest or Normal Routine? Study shows that bedrest after IVF may negatively affect outcome

Bedrest or Normal Routine? Study shows that bedrest after IVF may negatively affect outcome

Might seem counterintuitive, but this meta-analysis shows that bedrest following IVF and ICSI treatments may negatively affect outcome


Laura Londra, MD

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