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Ohio Medicine names Dr. Laura Londra, MD as “Newsmaker”

  The Ohio State Medical Association recently named Dr. Laura Londra, MD along with 6 other physicians in the “Newsmaker” section of┬átheir quarterly Ohio Medicine publication. The physicians are profiled on page 24. Click the following link to access the publication. https://www.osma.org/Documents/Public-Affairs/Publications/Ohio-Medicine/01995_interactive.pdf  


New study looks at chemotherapy’s impact on the fertility of young cancer patients later in life

This is good news on one hand and not so good on the other: children are being cured from cancer thanks to chemotherapy in increasing numbers, but chemotherapy can decrease their chances of being fertile when they reach adulthood. Awareness of this is very important before treatment is started, so that options for fertility preservation […]


Just how to Study for your TOEFL

Though performing study on Okla last night, a showed up on nuts, outdated Oklahoma regulations. After laughing hysterically and examining it for around one hour, hitting it the complete time, there is no doubt that needed to be shared with my viewers. We are now living in this strong, hectic planet saturated in sadness, it’s […]


Bedrest or Normal Routine? Study shows that bedrest after IVF may negatively affect outcome

Bedrest or Normal Routine? Study shows that bedrest after IVF may negatively affect outcome Might seem counterintuitive, but this meta-analysis shows that bedrest following IVF and ICSI treatments may negatively affect outcome http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26986834 Laura Londra, MD


How to Find Test Grant Characters

Do you get stumped if you are given a Q Work? Are massive problems posed by issues to you personally? comment page Properly, Q difficulties and Math jobs are reasons for worry for many of the learners.


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