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A bittersweet announcement – Dr. Steven Williams is retiring.

As a member of the Ohio Reproductive Medicine’s team since 1987, Dr. Steven Williams has been foundational to the care we’ve been able to provide to more than 10,000 families. Dr. Williams unique talent illustrated by his award-winning research combined with his compassionate approach to care, was an inspiration to our entire team. We’re fortunate that he leaves behind a phenomenal team that will carry on his work. Here is a personal note from Dr. Williams.

After a 42-year career in medicine and 33 years of practice at Ohio Reproductive Medicine, I am announcing my retirement this Spring. I would like to thank my wonderful staff for the quality of care they have provided my patients and most importantly the wonderful people of central Ohio and beyond that chose care at ORM. I have 4 colleagues that will continue on at Ohio Reproductive Medicine and ensure my existing patients receive the same level of care I was fortunate to provide. Most importantly I want to thank my wife Peggy for the sacrifices a spouse makes for a successful physician’s career. I look forward to many adventures with her as my medical career ends.

If you’re a patient of Dr. Williams or were considering care with Dr. Williams, contact our office to discuss your transition plan. We’re here for you and we will miss Dr. Williams. Congratulations to him on a successful career!