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Fertility Treatments

Becoming an Egg Donor

Donating your eggs is an involved process with a detailed timeline. Group orientation is given twice a month by one of our nurses and is a necessary step in the egg donation process. After the detailed screening, your profile (which contains extensive family, medical, and social history) is circulated anonymously to recipient couples. Once your profile is chosen, you will meet with one of our nurses for a one-on-one orientation and injection training. You will be trained on how to self-administer injectable medications. Typically, injectable medications are taken over a 4-week interval (1-3 times per day). The donor commonly is seen for ultrasound monitoring and blood testing 4-5 times during the four-week process.

Egg harvest is scheduled as an outpatient procedure in our office. Egg retrieval is achieved through a vaginal approach under ultrasound guidance in which eggs are removed directly from the ovary. Mild sedation is used and you will need to bring someone with you this day, as you will not be able to drive home after the procedure. Recovery time is expected to be one day.