Fertility Treatments

Becoming an Egg Donor FAQs

Will I use up all of my eggs if I donate?

No. In your most fertile years, you have thousands of eggs available each month. With each new menses, this number resets. Nature typically allows only 1 of these thousands of available eggs to mature and ovulate each menstrual cycle. With in-vitro fertilization and egg donation, medications are used to stimulate more than 1 egg – increasing the number of eggs available on the day of your egg retrieval.

Can I still donate if my tubes are tied?

Yes. Tubal ligation does not affect your ability to donate. With the in-vitro fertilization process, mature eggs are directly retrieved from the ovary and thus does not require your tubes to be open.

How many times can I donate?

As long as you continue to meet FDA requirements, you may be able to donate up to 3 times. You will be contacted by one of our nurses after your initial donation to determine interest and eligibility.

Can I still have sex during the egg donation process?

Yes. You will, however, need to use barrier contraception for most of the process. There is only a 2-week span (the 2 weeks following your actual donation) in which abstinence is recommended.

How to I get started to become an Egg Donor?

If you’re interested in becoming an egg donor and helping a family, start by completing our Egg Donor Survey.