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Update: November 1, 2021

In the past several weeks, Elford Inc. has made incredible progress and has completed the installation of the Reception Desk Glass, Roller Window Shade, Wall Mounted Eye Wash Station, Specimen Pass-Through Cabinet, Indicator Light, Interior Door, Reception Desk 3Form, Collection Room Toilet Accessory, Light Fixture, and Plumbing Fixture. Ongoing projects include installation of the diffuser,… read more

Dr. Laura Londra Featured on the Egg Whisperer Podcast

Last month our own Dr. Laura Londra spoke with Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh on “The Egg Whisperer Show” podcast. In this episode, the two discussed everything you need to know about ectopic pregnancies including: what is it, how it is diagnosed, what treatments are available, and much more! Thank you again to Dr. Aimee for having… read more

Update: July 19, 2021

As of this week, Elford Inc. completed the Metal Stud Wall Framing, Electric In-Wall for Exterior Walls and West Side, as well as finalizing value engineering items. The next updates upcoming are the Fire Suppression Rough-In, Demolition and Rough-In of AHU Louvers, installation of welded frames, insulating the walls, as well as hanging and finishing… read more

Update: July 5, 2021

As of this week, Elford Inc. completed removing the Corridor 233 Glass Wall and continues to make progress on the In-Wall Electrical Rough-In, HVAC Rough-In, Wall Framing, and submittal procurement. In the upcoming weeks, they will start working on the In-Wall Blocking, In-Wall Plumbing Rough-In, Fire Suppression Rough-In, Steel Support Installation for AHU, Demolition and… read more

Update: June 28, 2021

This week’s update brings us the news that the HVAC Hanger Installation has been completed, as well as the VAC Demolition. Elford Inc. also completed installing the temporary partitions around the window opening. In the next coming weeks, we should see the In-Wall Electric, In-Wall Medical Gas, In-Wall Plumbing, Fire Suppression Rough-Ins, as well as… read more

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