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The Columbus Dispatch local publication “This Week” names Dr. Laura Londra as a person “On the move” for her recent CREST scholarship award. Funded by American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) and the National Institute of Health (NIH) the award is for physicians who shown promise in reproductive medicine clinical research activities. Dr. Londra’s research has been published in multiple journals including the official journal of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, Fertility and Sterility. Her most recent publication had the honor of being selected for discussion by a worldwide audience of more than 500 fertility specialists during the online live Fertility and Sterility Journal Club.



_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Dr. Chad I. Friedman voted Best Doctor in the speciality of Obstetrics & Gynecology in Columbus Monthly’s 2014 Best Doctors list for Central Ohio.
October, 2013
Congrats to Dr. Friedman as his peers have voted him as Best Doctor in the specialty of Obstetrics & Gynecology! The upcoming December issue of Columbus Monthly will publish the results of the 2014 Best Doctors list for Central Ohio.

The December issue of Columbus Monthly will present Best Doctors: The List in conjunction with the Columbus Medical Guide (produced in cooperation with the Columbus Medical Association), combining one great medical and health care related package.

ORM renews participation in the Optum Centers of Excellence (COE) network for Infertility.
August, 2013
ORM was program has been re-qualified based on the following:

— A proven track record of successful clinical outcomes
— Comprehensive reproductive services
— Physician credentials and experience
— Exceptional facility operations and staffing
— Industry accreditation and affiliations
— Continuous quality assurance oversight through defined and verifiable metrics

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Dr. Steven Williams Honored with a 2012″Patients’ Choice Award”
December 7, 2012
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Dr. Grant Schmidt Honored with a 2011″Patients’ Choice Award”
February 24, 2012
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ORM Recognized by “Centers of Excellence”
July 1, 2011
ORM was recognized for its continued commitment to standards of excellence in treating patients who require care for complex conditions.

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ORM Docs interviewed for Columbus Dispatch Article: “Health plans often omit infertility treatments
August 29, 2010
Columbus, Ohio
ORM’s Dr. Elizabeth Kennard and Dr. Grant Schmidt provide observations regarding current trends in infertility coverage. Suzanne Hoholik reported on Sunday, August 29, 2010.

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Docs Rate Docs: Best Infertility Doc Revealed
July 22, 2010
Columbus, Ohio
In a survey where 221 responses were received back from licensed physicians in a seven-county metro area, of the doctors who responded, their top choice for infertility was ORM’s Dr. Steven Williams, 10TV’s Andrea Cambern reported on Thursday, July 22, 2010.

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Dr. Elizabeth Kennard made the cover of Columbus CEO Magazine and is featured in an article.
April 21, 2010
From the article:
A graduate of the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Kennard, 49, found her calling in reproductvie medicine, assisting families facing infertility issues. She came to the field while in her obstetrics and gynecology residency. Stacked on a coffee table in Dr. Elizabeth Kennard’s office are photo albums (. . .) The families depicated are no relation to Kennard, but she has had a hand in the formation of each.

What is the best part of your job? “My patients. I love taking care of my patients.”

What are your goals for the next five years? “Unlike somebody climbing a business ladder, I’m where I want to be.”

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Dr. Elizbeth Kennard discusses the secure process of egg storage and retrieval at ORM’s facilities on WBNS-TV10 News, at 5 PM in Columbus, Ohio. This interview was sparked by the recent discussion of an imporperly implanted egg in an Ohio woman by a facility not in Ohio.

September 21, 2009

Dr. Elizabeth Kennard has co-authored the Feature Article in the Journal of Reproductive Medicine® (Volume 54, July 2009, Number 7), titled “The Use of Nonmedical Treatments by Infertility Patients.
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August 24, 2009

Dr. Friedman discusses the ORM Egg Donor program at ORM on WBNS-TV10 News, at 6 PM in Columbus, Ohio.
April 10, 2009

Dr. Elizabeth Kennard discusses PGD as it relates to “Designer Babies” with Columbus, Ohio Channel nbc4.
Click to view the nbc4i.com website article and video interview -keywords: Designer Babies
March 3, 2009 2:26PM

Dr. Grant Schmidt is interviewd by the Columbus Dispatch’s Suzanne Hoholick and discusses the ethics of implanting multiple embryos. “We work really hard to minimize multiples,” said Dr. Grant Schmidt, a reproductive endocrinologist at Ohio Reproductive Medicine.
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February 5, 2009

Dr. Williams discusses the octuplet birth and ethics, IVF procedures offered at ORM on Good Day Columbus WTTE-TV28, 7AM News in Columbus, Ohio.

February 11, 2009

Dr. Williams and Dr. Kennard comment on the hotly debated topic of the latest infamous octuplets mother,
Nadya Suleman with the OSU Lantern’s Heather Hope.

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February 16, 2009 

Columbus C.E.O Magazine’s Amy Aldridge interviews Dr’s. Schmidt, Kennard and Williams for an article concerning “The Economics of Infertility”.
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March 2006

Dr. Grant Schmidt provides expert opinion in an interview on local television station about Couples Experiencing
Secondary Infertility.
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May 16 2006 4:13PM

Dr. Chad Friedman provides comment in an article featured in Columbus Parent Magazine.
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