ORM Statement: IVF + Roe v. Wade
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I received excellent care from all the physicians involved in my care. I can’t say enough about the fabulous nursing staff, every call was returned promptly and my concerns addressed thoroughly. Desired outcomes achieved!

– Andee P., – Columbus, Ohio

This fertility clinic is very knowledgeable and practices utilizing the most recent research. The physicians are caring and kind particularly when procedures are not effective. I would highly recommend this physician group. My experience with Dr. Grant Schmidt and his nursing staff was wonderful.

– Kristy – Columbus, Ohio

The staff are compassionate about their jobs and caring about their patients. They have been so good to my husband and I. I never have to wait long for a response to any question or concern I have. They are very knowledgeable and explain things in such a good way. I never felt uncomfortable when talking to them or having an exam. I would recommend them and their staff to anyone looking for these services. Everyone I had interactions with are also very pleasant and so polite. Always made me feel right at home for each visit. 5/5 without a doubt.

– Rae D., – Columbus, Ohio

Dr. Londra is awesome. My wife and I were excited about starting a family and Dr. Londra welcomed us with open arms. She made the IUI process as stress free as possible and was supportive both at our appointments and if we called with any questions in between. She shared information about herself and made us feel more like a friend than a client.  We were successful on our second attempt with Dr. Londra which amounts to really great results. The office staff are all so kind and genuinely interested in the success and the well-being of the clients there. Since establishing our pregnancy- Dr. Londra even called to check in on us and share in our excitement of our baby due in May! We will definitely keep in touch with her and the practice, we will absolutely being going back to see her when we are ready for our second child. Thank you Dr. Londra – hands down- five stars.

– Christina H – Ohio

Excellent bedside manner. Caring, compassionate, all around a wonderful doctor. Wish I could find a general practitioner as wonderful as Dr. Londra.

– Krista in Delaware – Ohio

Thank you Dr. Kennard for the excellent care you provide to your highly hormonal patients! Your genuine compassion has been a great blessing to my family and I. Thank you so very much for taking the time to talk with us, share our laughter, tears, years and for truly caring!

– Chris & Wendy – Columbus, Ohio

Dr. Rossi and her team were wonderful! We had a short journey with them but it was nothing less than wonderful! They are supportive, knowledgeable, quick to respond to questions/concerns and best of all compassionate! Highly recommend Dr. Brooke Rossi and her team.
– Tiffany H. – Columbus, Ohio

Dr. Kennard thank you so much for the compassionate care you have provided over the past several months. Every since I was sixteen and stopped having cycles, I knew that ‘infertility’ might be a challenge I would face. You gave us hope, while providing guidance through this journey. Thank you for understanding that our desire was simple to have a family. You helped us balance the financial and emotional costs of treatment and adoption. I will forever be grateful that you have given me the change to be a mother.

– Erin F. – Columbus, Ohio

Dr. Londra was so kind and answered all of my questions. She promptly had us do testing to see why we weren’t getting pregnant and had a miscarriage back in October. Everything came back normal but she put me on letrozole to give me a boost. That first month on it we got pregnant and a week ago got to see our little one’s heartbeat!

– Brittany B. – Columbus, Ohio

Dr. Rossi is one of the most thorough, kindhearted people I’ve ever met. She has gone above and beyond to make sure myself and my husband were comfortable inside the office and outside of the office. I would highly recommend her and the entire ORM staff to anyone who is on their fertility journey!

– Lauren K. – Columbus, Ohio

Dr. Kennard thank you for all your help in making our dream of growing our family come true. Never did we really consider having more thatn one baby. I don;t know if you remember how surprised we were when we learned the good news. I’m sure many coupleas are quite surprised. Now that the boys are here, we feel truly blessed. After going through a difficult pregnancy our boys Nickolas and Owen jioined their big brother Noah. We sincerely thank you and your team for all you care and for all you do to make dreams come true.

– Mark & Karen B. – Columbus, Ohio

We had our initial consult with him in October and immediately, just from what I described was going on with myself, he knew what was wrong and was convinced I would get pregnant and he would be able to treat it. After all of my blood work came back and was normal, we started the ovulation/trigger shots in November. Sadly, it did not work that month. I took a month off in December because of the holidays and other personal reasons and then in January started back up again. This time on Femara and ovulation shots and I’m happy to say it worked on the second try! Currently I’m almost 5 months along and things couldn’t be going better. I have the ORM office and staff to thank for this success and will ABSOLUTELY be going back in the future, if my needs require it!

– Kelly H. – Columbus, Ohio

I was referred in 2010 to ORM by my OB/GYN for what was thought to be for PCOS. After more testing ORM was able to rule out PCOS and not put me on medication I didn’t need. After trying oral medication to try to stimulate my ovaries to ovulate they moved onto injectable medications. After my first cycle of injectable we got the wonderful news that we were expecting. Nine months later I delivered a healthy baby girl. Last year we decided to try for another child but after nearly a year of no luck with it happening on our own we went back to Dr. Schmidt in September 2013. Dr. Schmidt didn’t make me mess around with medications that didn’t work last time and allowed me to go back on the one that worked for the first pregnancy. I am grateful that I wasn’t forced to try the medications that didn’t work the first time. After the first round once again I am pregnant with our second child. I highly recommend this practice and especially Dr. Schmidt as I know several people that have had positive outcomes with ORM. Good luck to all trying to conceive.

– Karla J. – Ohio

The office staff could not have been nicer. I was greeted promptly, and discreetly, by the front desk. I was taken to another waiting room, and all of the staff was friendly, smiled as they walked by. The doctor was running behind but their nurse kept updating me on the status, and both apologized for their tardiness. They answered all of my questions. and the nurse then spoke with me and was equally nice. She answered the rest of the questions I thought of. I can’t wait to go back!

– Anonymous